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Stephanie Goertz


Green Party Canada MP Candidate

"The Green Party isn’t like any other political party. Our mission is to rescue grassroots democracy from the political spin that makes voters recoil. Our goal is to make sure the planet and our communities survive and thrive." - Elizabeth May

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There are many ways you can volunteer within our team. We already have over 100 volunteers and we plan to grow our team to 300-400. Join others from your community and make an impact in your own way.

Our Campaign Focuses On

Courage | Commitment | Change

The Green Party is Canada's forward thinking party. We're looking beyond the next election to the world we will leave for our children. We want to ensure that it's a healthy and vibrant, where each child has the opportunity to succeed.

We need an electoral system that takes our priorities to Parliament. We need proportional representation, where there's equal value on every vote.

Ending system poverty means rethinking the system. We need to modernize our social safety nets by adopting a Universal Basic Income, Pharmacare and an adaptive National Housing Strategy.

Together, we'll create good, stable jobs and reshape the economy. We'll support small businesses, invest in green energy and build smart city infrastructure.

Help create a stronger Canada that works together

Requesting a sign, donating, and VOLUNTEER are all things you can do to make a difference.

This is the time. The time to vote for someone better. The time to vote for someone who will work hard to make a difference.


Don't wait. Your donation helps us now.

Did you know that you will get a tax return on your donations? Most people didn't.

If you are able to donate at least $400 now that money will help us to buy the materials we need to win this election.

We depend on people in our community to donate since we can not accept any donations from businesses.

About Stephanie Goertz

Stephanie is an entrepreneur, activist, grassroots organizer and a former Toronto police officer, who holds a long standing record as a passionate advocate for- sustainable environment, transparent representation and forward focus leadership. 

With a strong desire to help build up communities and people around her, Stephanie has worked tirelessly to promote a sense of community within the region.

Stephanie’s father, Allan Beach, started his roofing company, Allan Beach Roofing, around the time when she was born and he is still running this business. This entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in Stephanie as well. She is no stranger to working hard and getting things done. Stephanie has been working since she was 15 years old.

Stephanie followed in her father's footsteps and when her firstborn was 1 year old she started her own small business. Now, Stephanie works internationally as a consultant with a strong team on diverse projects that impact local communities. Stephanie’s approach to businesses through the lens of grassroots capabilities has added to its success.

Along her journey, Stephanie was faced with a question, what could she do to bring people together, support them, and motivate them to make the Waterloo Region a better place? As a strong grassroots organizer and supporter, Stephanie realized that the best way to change the system is by working within it. This motivated Stephanie to decide that she will be the next Green Party MP for the riding of Kitchener-Conestoga.

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Kitchener-Conestoga Riding




Kitchener (between Ira Needles and Fisher Hallman)

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Everyone is welcome to our weekly volunteer meetings! Help be a part of our passionate team 😀 Happening every Monday night in September!
Location: 15 Westmount Road South
Time: 3-8 pm

How as your opinion of @ElizabethMay changed over the last few months?
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Anthony Li @anthonytonyli
Abacus Data today shows @ElizabethMay has the most favourable image of any party leader among Canadians - Greens do not play political games, we place the interests of our constituents and Canada first.

#VoteGreen #canpoli #cndpoli #cdnpoli #GPC #advocacy #GreenWave

This just emphasizes @ElizabethMay's and the #GreenParty's unrelenting determination for change at a time when it is so desperately needed.

I'm proud to be running as a #Green in this upcoming election. #cdnpoli #fearless #leadership

The future of transport is rail-travel, but Canada has fallen behind.

We need to:
*Re-invest in our national rail systems 🇨🇦
*Build more train cars in Canada 🚂
*Increase train speeds ⏩
*Phase in high speed rail where feasible🚆

The Green Party doesn’t force Members of Parliament to vote along party lines. Unlike other parties, I'll have the flexibility to put the interests of Kitchener-Conestoga first.

On Monday we asked - "true or false: cigarette butts and compostable coffee pods go in your green bin."


Check out @RegionWaterloo's helpful guides to freshen up on your green bin knowledge today #WastelessWednesday #KWawesome
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